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Why work with infashionwetrust?
infashionwetrust offers to sell your clothes and accessories for you under the best conditions as a real shop would do. In addition our service is cheaper and we enable you to get more for your garments than on flea markets or other online sites.

How do you set the price of clothing?
We set the price depending on the brand, the condition and trend of the garment. We fix the price together with you.

How does the commission work?
We take 40 % of each product, the rest is for you. This is very advantageous if you have several pieces for sale.

Can I bring anything else but clothes?
Yes, you can bring your shoes (new or in good condition) and handbags.

Can I return a piece I bought?
No. No returns, refunds or exchanges.

How do I get my profit and unsold items and what if I forgot to pick up my profit and my unsold items?
If you can't make it to the announced returns day, please fix a personal appointment with us. Any profits and unsold items which haven't been picked up after 3 weeks of the sales event become property of infashionwetrust.

What kind of items can I bring?
This edition is for women clothing only.

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