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What is this?:
We have Gumtree, but it's not really working...
We have the markets but who wants to spend 4 hours behind a table to sell 3 dresses? (best case scenario!)

Facebook? Thanks but no thanks! ;-)

Our idea is to create events to sell your clothes, accessories, shoes,...
Bring us your items and we bring the people to buy them!

And being a shopper at the same time, maybe you will find some nice stuff you would like to add to your wardrobe, who knows?

This event will take place in 3 steps:
Bring us your items on March 25th and 27th from 12pm to 2pm.

Saturday April 12th from 9am to 4pm .
:: Event page coming soon ::

19 of April from 11pm to 2pm. We will give you an envelope with your profit and/or a bag with your unsold items.

is caring:
To give back we will have one box with items for R5. The profit out of this box plus the unsold items out of this box we will donate to a charity!! Please let us know if you have any items you have for our "Charity Box"!



Who are we?

Fashion, fashion, fashion...

Currently best web designer ever!

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